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Ziggy lloyd founder Sophie lloyd

Having connected with and worked closely with different designers and brands as a fashion journalist and personal shopper for many years, I first started Ziggy Lloyd out of a desire to design and create my own thing. I used to enjoy taking men shopping and styling them so why not design something for them?

While I was running my own personal shopping business in Argentina, I was inspired by the natural fibres and artisan craftsmanship in South America and chose to work with alpaca wool specifically because I fell in love with the unique texture, warmth and softness of the fabric. The feel and look of all the materials that go into our jackets and the way they feel to wear is a core part of our brand. They’re tactile pieces that need to be touched and tried on. It’s a feeling that is hard to communicate digitally. 

I now live in Lisbon where I design and produce every edition of jackets in very small batches so you’re coming away with something that is truly limited edition. I also offer a made-to-order service. 

If you're in Lisbon, drop me a line and we can meet. I’ve always thrived on in-person encounters. I’d much rather go the extra mile to meet someone in person rather than the convenience of an email or call.