About Ziggy Lloyd

Born in South America and made in Portugal

Ziggy Lloyd was created for the well-travelled man who buys a last-minute flight across the world, for the music-lover who meticulously puts together the perfect playlist for every party, for the gourmet who appreciates fine dining as much as late night street food, and most of all, for the daring individual who isn’t afraid to let his personality shine through a carefully curated wardrobe.

Our limited edition collection of men's coats are classic and timeless, with a contemporary twist. The magic of our wool coats and jackets is in the feel, look and textures. Each garment is crafted from high quality, sustainable materials, and every detail tells a story; from the luscious alpaca fleece once worn by the Incan nobility that is hand spun and woven into the softest wool fabric by local communities in Peru, to the handmade buttons that come from the tagua nut indigenous to Ecuador, to the original, hand drawn designs printed on silky soft lining.

Made in limited batches in an atelier just outside of Lisbon by an experienced team of tailors, our men's coat designs reflect how we think life should be lived: with purpose and personality.

blue baby alpaca wool bomber jacket for men by Ziggy Lloyd