Ziggy Lloyd coats are timeless and designed to last, crafted from the highest quality, ethically-sourced materials. 
Our coats and jackets are all made in Portugal in a small atelier just outside of Lisbon. Each piece is precisely crafted and hand finished by a small team of skilled artisan tailors who pay close attention to every detail. We have a great relationship with our lovely team and work closely with them on every step. We carefully inspect every coat before it’s shipped. 


Alpaca wool

Our alpaca fibre is sustainably and ethically sourced from Peru. It is an entirely cruelty-free process. Alpacas are domesticated animals looked after in rural areas by local Peruvian families.

Alpaca wool has natural thermal properties due to microscopic air pockets in the fiber, which makes Ziggy Lloyd’s coats warm yet lightweight. We work with the highest quality alpaca wool which is very soft to the touch. It is hypoallergenic and does not pill or lose its shape or colour. Click here to find out more about alpaca wool and the process. 

ZL buttons

Our personalised buttons are 100% natural and sustainably sourced. They are crafted from tagua nuts, otherwise known as vegetable ivory or corozo, that are found inside the large, prickly fruits of Tagua palm trees that are native to the tropical regions of Ecuador. Once ripe, these fruits are harvested annually by local farmers and the nuts are removed and dried for up to 3 months before being cut, carved and polished into buttons by local craftspeople. The buttons have a uniquely smooth and silky texture and a unique grain and are stamped with our brand initials.

Exclusive, limited edition lining prints

Open one of our coats and you’ll find an illustrative lining design with a story behind it. We love to work with and get inspired by creative people. For every edition of coats we produce, we commission a different artist whose work we admire to create an original print for Ziggy Lloyd that features on the inner side panels of our coat lining and inside the pockets. This also makes each Ziggy Lloyd coat a limited edition piece, available in a select number.