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Luxury alpaca wool coats for men with a story behind them

men's luxury overcoat made from baby alpaca wool

our story

Ziggy Lloyd was created for the well-travelled man who buys a last-minute flight across the world, for the music-lover who meticulously puts together the perfect playlist for every party, for the gourmet who appreciates fine dining as much as late night street food, and most of all, for the daring individual who isn’t afraid to let his personality shine through a carefully curated wardrobe.

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Free international shipping, free returns and exchanges.
alpacas in the Andes, Peru

What is alpaca wool?

Alpaca wool is a warm, durable and silky soft natural fibre, spun from the fleece of alpacas. It was first used by the Ancient Incans and the luxuriousness of the wool was coveted by royalty and nobility alike. Ziggy Lloyd uses the finest alpaca wool, ethically sourced from local farming communities in the Andes of Peru and woven by local artisans into our coat fabric.

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